Velvet Underground

Who’s The Velvet Underground?

The Velvet Underground, an American band of the Nineteen Sixties whose primal guitar sound and concrete noir lyrics, influenced by avant-garde artwork and trendy literature, impressed the punk and different rock actions of the Seventies and ’80s. The principal members had been Lou Reed (authentic identity Lewis Allan Reed), John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen (“Moe”) Tucker, Nico, Angus MacLise, and Doug Yule. Find about Velvet Underground only at DTG Custom Tee Shirt Printing.

Velvet Underground


White Light/White Heat

Of all the Velvet Underground’s officially sent-off studio and live collections, White Light/White Heat is by a wide margin the noisiest and generally progressed.

Recorded in a brief flurry of studio periods in September 1967, and launched on January thirtieth, 1968, White Light/White Heat the band’s ultimate studio album with co-founder and multi-instrumentalist John Cale boasted not one of the louche charms of the Velvets’ 1967 debut, The Velvet Underground & Nico nor, for that matter, did it comprise any of the hushed melodicism heard on the band’s self-titled 1969 LP. It was totally devoid of any prompt classic-rock anthems like “Sweet Jane” and “Rock and Roll” from the 1970s Loaded. With its needle-sticking attack of overdriven gadgets, verses about methamphetamine misuse, messed up operations (“Lady Godiva’s Operation”), frightful brutality (“The Gift”), cries from past the grave (“I Heard Her Call My Name”) and heroin-managing cross dressers (“Sister Ray”), White Light/White Heat was tied in with pushing the limits of sound and style. Even 50 years after its preliminary launch, it stays bracing and difficult to hear.

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Velvet’s Underground Career Is Interrupted

The Velvet Underground’s career was suffering from private upheaval and monetary wrestle. Nico launched into a solo profession in 1967. Her distinctive type of ravishing melancholy was finest captured on Chelsea Girls (1968), which includes contributions by Reed, Cale, and Morrison, and The Marble Index (1969), produced by Cale. Additionally, in 1967, Reed dismissed Warhol because of the group’s supervisor. Cale was changed by Doug Yule in 1968, after the discharge of White Light/White Heat, an album of extraordinary proto-punk ferocity. The Fifties rhythm-and-blues balladry and a pop classicism that subtly flavored Reed’s songwriting blossomed on The Velvet Underground (1969) and Loaded (1970). However, the pressure of business failure led Reed to give up in August 1970. A model of the band led by Yule limped into the early Seventies. Visit our best products about velvet Underground White Light White Heat at DTG Custom Tees.

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